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The Davenport Park Conservation Area

Davenport Park itself was originally designated a conservation area in 1979. The boundaries of the Davenport Park Conservation Area were then extended in 2005 to include properties outside the confines of the Park (see map).

According to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, conservation areas are designated “to preserve and enhance parts of the Borough which have special architectural and historic character”. Their purpose is to help prevent the destruction of these special qualities by unsympathetic alterations to the existing buildings, insensitive development or loss through demolition.

Special planning controls known as an Article 4 Direction apply to the houses in the Davenport Park conservation area. This direction has been in force since 1984 and its purpose is to prevent the unique character of the area from being spoilt by an accumulation of inappropriate alterations to the buildings and their surroundings. This essentially means that normal permitted development rights have been removed and any changes which would affect the external appearance of the houses (such as changes to the type and style of windows, doors and roofs) will require planning permission from SMBC and may not be approved. Like-for-like replacements of original architectural features will be encouraged, as will the removal of previous unsympathetic alterations. Alterations to front gardens walls and gates may also be covered. More details may be found in SMBC’s Article 4 Direction Guidance Note.

Clifton Lodge, Beech Mews, Chatsworth Court and Devonshire Court are outside the boundary of the conservation area and are subject only to normal planning and building regulations.

All the trees in the conservation area are protected, whether or not they are already included in Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). This means that anyone wishing to lop, fell or uproot a tree within the Davenport Park Conservation Area must give SMBC six weeks’ notice of this intention, during which time a TPO may be made by the Council. Although Clifton Lodge, Beech Mews, Chatsworth Court and Devonshire Court are outside the conservation area, many of the trees on these sites are covered by individual and group preservation orders so it is advisable to check with SMBC before doing any significant work on trees in these areas.

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